Can american citizens have dual citizenship with russia?

Answer It is possible for an American citizen to have dual citizenship with Russia. According to the Consulate General of the United States in St. Petersburg, the U.S. government "recognizes that dual nat... Read More »

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Can U.S. citizens have dual citizenship?

A U.S. citizen can have dual citizenship. Dual citizenship can be acquired by birth, childhood or after already having U.S. citizenship. Citizens of other countries who acquire U.S. citizenship, on... Read More »

Can Spanish citizens have dual citizenship?

Spain allows its citizens to have dual citizenship with some of its former Latin American colonies: Bolivia, Uruguay, Guatemala, Chile, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Paraguay, Dominica... Read More »

Does Russia allow dual citizenship?

Russia allows dual citizenship. For example, a person can be a citizen of both Russia and the United States. A person who has dual citizenship in Russia and another country is subject to all Russia... Read More »

Can I have dual citizenship with the Netherlands?

Yes, dual citizenship is allowed in the Netherlands, as over 1.1 million people of Dutch nationality have citizenship in more than one country. Nearly half of those dual citizenship people have a M... Read More »