Can aluminum foil be used as extra cable shielding?

Answer I would not scrimp in the cable if it is your intent to run Gigabyte.Also, I have no idea where you live but running cables in your wall and running those cables through PVC may not be up to buildi... Read More »

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Can aluminum foil be used in the freezer?

Heavy-duty aluminum foil can be used for storing products in the freezer but, as it could get torn or punctured quite easily, use an over-wrap of plastic in conjunction with the aluminum foil.Refer... Read More »

Should aluminum foil be used in electric toaster ovens?

it doesn't its a reaction of the cold air in your freezer hitting the warmer air of your house

Is tin foil same as aluminum foil?

In this case they are, the metal used is aluminium, not tinDune

What cable would you recommend to offer the best shielding performance?

buddy you need STP OR OPTIC FIBER Cable to provide best shielding performance. 1:optic fiber expensive not easy to terminate ends no RFI EMI 2:shielded twisted pair second option easy and cheap