Can allergies make you feel dizzy?

Answer Yes, some people feel dizzy during an allergic reaction.

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Can weightlifting make you feel dizzy?

No really just eat well and pently of water cause training can drain you out alot Take vitamins and all the thing u meant to train 5 days take 2 days off . It's a good thing to start young

Can you feel dizzy with a concusion?

Since the hit to your head was a week ago, I doubt this is from any concussion.More likely something else. Do you have low blood pressure? Do you get dizzy when you stand up too fast, or all the ... Read More »

I feel dizzy when driving?

yes, same with me. Try to open up your windows for some fresh air, Chew something hard and drink 7 Up. Smoking also helps but not advised.

I feel dizzy when I stand up?

Check your blood pressure and sugar level....consult a physaiton