Can allergies cause blurred vision in one eye?

Answer Yes they can. I have noticed this especially with pet allergies. I try my best to keep my hands away from my eyes as much as possible to prevent this.

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I got hit in the eye and now my vision is blurred?

If it does not feel better in the morning then try putting a cool wet rag on it for a long time if it doesn't feel better then you might want to see a doctor just to check on it

Blurred Vision and Dry Eyes?

My right eye had similar problem but not due to any conjunctivitis suddenly happened. it was always looking red and eye sight became blur. My doctor tested and told inside the eye every th... Read More »

Blurred vision with new glasses?

You mean you normally wear contacts and just switched to glasses, or had glasses and just got stronger ones, if so, the weird distortions, things moving, dizzyness when you turn your head can happe... Read More »

Why do I get blurred vision after exercising?

The eyes are directly connected to the cortex and so any stimulation of the cortex can result in this. It would be good to take it easy and tell someone when it started. If it is all of a sudden th... Read More »