Can all types of salvia be smoked?

Answer I want to know the answer to this question too.My guess is that you can smoke them all or else there would be information to the contrary already on the net. me thinks.....????

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I smoked salvia and now I'm going crazy.?

You need to get yourself to a psychiatrist as soon a possible. You are having a drug induced psychotic episode. You need help before you hurt yourself or someone else. Im not kidding, this is no... Read More »

Salvia Plant Types?

Salvia is a hardy perennial herb which is commonly known as sage. The plant belongs to a large family with hundreds of different varieties for both ornamental and culinary uses. All varieties of sa... Read More »

I smoked 2 months ago and it was mid grade will i pass a hair test if i barely smoked a few hits other than t?

I smoked about 1.1 grams of weed over a 9 day period. I haven't smoked in 5 days. Am I good to pass a UA test?

No absolutely not. Don't listen to anyone who says you can dilute or drink cranberry juice, it will stay in your system, period. Just stop smoking, it's not worth the trouble? I've figured out..