Can all internet devices be tracked Laptops, Ipads, smart phones etc ?

Answer Apple devices have what's called "unique device identifiers or UDIDs" and apparently they were able to be slurped by some app's, and forwarded to different destinations and those then were able to ... Read More »

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My internet works for all of the laptops in my house but none of the phones or iPods do, what should I do?

Try changing the WEP, WPA, WPA-2 settings around on your router and see what happens. If I remember correctly, my brother had the same problem with his iPhone because it had problems reading WPA or... Read More »

Are iPhones and iPads smart?

Can mobile phones be tracked?

Mobile phone locations can be tracked using a variety of technologies. A general location can be tracked by using phone records to determine which towers were used to connect calls. A real-time met... Read More »

Can Trac phones be tracked?

The federal government and law enforcement can track TracFone and all other types of cell phones. As of 2010, the government could trace all phones by the cell towers used, although not to an exact... Read More »