Can all files with .tmp extension be infected ?

Answer These type of files are not required always these have temparary utility. Use CCleaner and remove them. Use antivirus and adaware for safety.

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How to Replace Infected Files in Windows XP?

Viruses or other malicious software may replace your Windows XP files with infected versions in an attempt to hide itself. The Windows File Protection (WFP) feature in Windows XP provides some prot... Read More »

How to Delete Infected Computer Files?

Infected files can become a pain, sometimes you can find infected files cannot be deleted. This simple method will show you how to bypass the protection of delete.

Is my computer infected with a virus if i cannot show my hidden files?

Hey, I know your problemit seem that your hidden files are not shown even if you select "show hiiden files" in tools folder optionsthe reason may be thisif you are using any add-on over your window... Read More »

Should I delete all the infected files and registries detected by Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware?

No you should not. Leave them in quarantine for a couple of weeks. They will do no harm there. If one of them is a mistake then you will still have them to restore if you need to. If after a coupl... Read More »