Can all cookie dough be refrigerated or frozen until you want to bake?

Answer you can refrigerate ANY cookie dough for a few days but it will dry out.You can freeze it for much longer time, especially packaged in an air tight environment.It will last a couple months in a fri... Read More »

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How long can uncooked cookie dough be refrigerated?

No longer than it would take for the eggs to go bad. You can freeze it for as long as you want though, just wrap it up in an airtight plastic bag. Later you can slice it up and put it directly into... Read More »

How long can cookie dough be frozen?

Most cookie dough can be frozen for between four and six weeks. For best results, double-wrap it in plastic wrap. This will prevent freezer burn and the possibility of the dough absorbing other odo... Read More »

Can sugar cookie dough be frozen?

You can freeze sugar cookie dough for up to six months. Shape dough into a log, and roll up first in parchment paper and then plastic wrap. Drop spoonfuls of unbaked dough on a cookie sheet, set it... Read More »

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