Can all computers burn to CD?

Answer Any computer equipped with a CD-R or CD-RW drive---often referred to as a CD burner---and burning software can burn files to CD. Not all computers include built-in CD burners, though most new compu... Read More »

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Do DVD burners on computers burn cd's also?

Most of them do, keep in mind tho, be selective in your choice if buying a new DVD burner. There are a dozen different video formats so make sure you purchase one that covers them all!

If I burn My computers' operating system on a CD/DVD can I Install it on a newly built Computer?

You can install it but it will ask you to enter a serial number which is tied to the MAC address of your computer, so no it wouldn't after 30 days. There are however programs out there that crack ... Read More »

Do your eyes ever BURN BURN BURN?

It sounds like a demon escaped from your eye and now you are pure again! You should keep your eyes closed so that he doesn't get back in there.

Are Mac computers generally faster, more reliable and longer lasting than PC computers?

Although Macs would actually be the same or faster than an equivalent specd PC it is actually a contribution of system stability and reliability of the Mac package (OS and hardware) that makes them... Read More »