Can all camcorders burn the date and time on video?

Answer camcorders do have a clock, and that is used to record the file creation date and time that is a part of every computer file. this is not the same as burned into the active video, it is like close... Read More »

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Flip Video Camcorders or a Kodak Zi8?

Both brands utilize an in-camera to computer video editing software which is very basic. Kodak Zi8:128GB of internal memory and can use memory cards (Flips up to 8GB and cannot use cards)Can take 5... Read More »

Who invented Flip Video camcorders?

Jonathan Kaplan, founder of Pure Digital Technologies, invented the Flip Video camcorder with a team of designers at his company, according to a 2008 article in Business Week. Kaplan and his design... Read More »

Are flip video camcorders compatible with Mac desktop computers?

Read the appropriate support Q&A area at the Flip site.Since you did not tell us which Flip or which Mac, we don't know which answer to provide to you.

Someone who knows about video camcorders and mics and plugs?

Read the manual:…No audio input. No hot shoe. The JVC GZ-E306bu is not capable of supporting an external mic. There is no adapter available that can change... Read More »