Can alimony and child support be listed in arrears on your credit report?

Answer Yes, child support and alimony are both considered debts owed by one parent to the other. As with any debt, failure to pay can be reported to credit bureaus and can negatively affect your credit ra... Read More »

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Do you have to grant the wish of your spouse for a divorce knowing you will end up paying for child support and alimony?

Answer Sounds like you are not being responsible for your wife or children. Obviously if your wife wants a divorce there are reasons and yes, in a court of law you do have to comply with what the ... Read More »

If a child dies do you have to pay arrears for child support?

Can child support arrears be reduced?

They can, if you have a persuasive reason such as being unable to pay. If you declare bankruptcy, then you won't have to pay anything, since no debts are collectible from a bankrupt person.

Can you stop child support arrears in Missouri?

Only with the agreement of the court and the obligee (and, if the child received public assistance, the State).