Can alcohol make you fat?

Answer Of course it can. Why do think Taco Bell is open until 2:00 a.m.? Drunk people get hungry.

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How do I make alcohol?

well all you need, is fruit juice and yeast. add half a tea spoon yeast in the bottle fill it up with juice put it on radiator, important bit each day you need to relive the pressure a bit built up... Read More »

How to Make Alcohol Gas?

Alcohol gas, also known as ethanol or ethyl alcohol, has been in use for decades. In fact, Henry Ford built the first Model T to run on ethanol, but the oil companies had other ideas. With the rise... Read More »

How to Make Perfume Without Alcohol?

Since the times before Christ, people have placed importance on the pleasant experience of wearing perfume. A perfume is created by mixing a solvent, a fixative and a fragrant compound. The most co... Read More »

Why does alcohol make us drunk?

Basically because it is a drug which attacks the whole of the nervous systemIt commences by attacvking the area of the brain which causes inhibitions which explains why, although it is a depressant... Read More »