Can alcohol create stomach problems?

Answer On One Hand: Stomach AcidAlcohol increases the amount of acid in the stomach. This increase can cause ulcers or gastritis. A person with a history of ulcers should not drink alcohol because it can ... Read More »

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Can I drink alcohol on an empty stomach?

I always drink on an empty stomach, I get drunk quicker and when I have something to eat, it does sober me up a wee bit, but then when I continue drinking, I am still tipsy and I can top myself bac... Read More »

Can the yeast in beer convert corn to alcohol in the human stomach?

It's possible, but I don't think yeast can survive in your stomach. Even if it could, it takes a lot longer than overnight for the yeast to produce any measurable amount of alcohol, especially if ... Read More »

Stomach problems. HELP!!?

The pathological effects of alcohol, smoking, and stress, coupled with an epidemic rate of infection with the Helicobacter pylori 1-6 bacterium mean that all the ingredients are present for the “... Read More »

Stomach problems!!!!?