What makes albino people so white and what causes it?

Answer Albinism is due to faulty production of the pigment melanin.Increased rates of melanin production in melanocyte cells in the skin will produce changes in skin colour. Albinism means there is no pig... Read More »

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Where do i got albino poop!?

holy **** this is the weirdest ******* question i have ever seen.

How to Get Albino Pokemon?

"Pokemon" is a popular series of games that started out on the Game Boy and has progressed through Nintendo's series of gaming platforms. Since the second generation (e.g. "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokem... Read More »

Are spirit bears albino?

Spirit bears are not albino. They are the offspring of parents that both possess a recessive gene for white hair. The process is similar to the way that red hair occurs in humans.References:BBC New... Read More »

How to Breed Albino Corydoras?

Corydoras catfish are a very peaceful breed of fish and they can be very helpful in eating leftover fish food that sinks to the bottom of the tank. These fish come in a variety of colors including ... Read More »