Can alberta spruce trees tolerate wind?

Answer Though the Alberta Spruce is a pretty durable type of tree, it can still be damaged in certain colder climates. During the winter, the tree may experience "winter burn," in which cold weather and s... Read More »

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Are black spruce trees native to alberta?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the black spruce is one of the most plentiful of all coniferous trees in North America. The "Trees of North America" guide states that the ... Read More »

Pine Trees That Tolerate Shade?

Shade-tolerant pine or evergreen conifers survive better under shade than their shade-intolerant counterparts. While all trees try to absorb as much sunlight as they can, the secret to the survival... Read More »

How to Grow Red Maple Trees in Alberta?

The maple tree is a widely recognized symbol of Canada. Not only is its image on the national flag, but it grows commonly throughout the country, according to Canadian Gardening. According to Dave'... Read More »

Description of Spruce Trees?

Spruce trees are a diverse tree family that mainly dominates the northern part of the globe. They range from the size of shrubs to over 100 feet tall. Spruce trees look similar to many trees such... Read More »