Can airmail stamps be used for regular mail?

Answer No. The United States Postal Service advises that while regular stamps may be used for any and all international postage, airmail stamps may not be used on any mailable items for any purpose other ... Read More »

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Can I use regular stamps on media mail?

All media mail must be marked with a meter or permit imprint, according to the U.S. Postal Service. This excludes using regular stamps. Typically, you must go to the post office to pay for this typ... Read More »

Can you use regular u.s. postage stamps to mail to canada?

Not only can you use U.S. postage to mail to Canada, you must. The type of postage you use is determined by where you are when you mail the item, not where you send it.Source:U.S. Postal Service: F... Read More »

Can I put regular Canadian postage stamps on mail to the United States?

If you are mailing a package from Canada to the United States, not only can you use Canadian postage; you must use Canadian postage. Under the supervision of the United Nations Universal Postal Uni... Read More »

How to Ship Regular Airmail to the Philippines?

Like any other international shipments made outside the U.S., shipping a package airmail to the Philippines may make it subject to Philippine Customs examination. Whether duties and taxes should be... Read More »