Can advantage flea control for cats cause hyperthyroidism?

Answer Hyperthyroidism is not a known side effect of Advantage flea control for cats. Because Advantage is topical rather than ingested, it's unlikely that this medication would cause the enlarged thyroid... Read More »

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Does advantage kill flea eggs on cats?

Advantage kills adult fleas 12 hours after application and inhibits flea eggs from maturing into adults but does not kill them on cats. Advantage should be applied once a month to effectively stop ... Read More »

How is Advantage flea treatment used with cats?

Advantage and similar products, such as Frontline, marked a breakthrough in flea treatment for cats. Since cats do not like washed or fussed with, flea shampoos and sprays were not fun to apply for... Read More »

How to Buy Advantage Flea Control at a Discount Price?

Animal lovers spend hundreds of dollars each year on their pets. Although you would love to pamper your four-footed friend with toys, treats and trips to the doggy day spa, it's just not always pos... Read More »

Bad Reactions to Advantage Flea & Tick Control?

Pet owners have many products to help them in their fight against fleas and ticks. However, some of these products have been linked to serious adverse reactions in the very animals they are suppose... Read More »