Can adoptive parents terminate the adoption if it does not work out years later?

Answer Yes. It's called "disruption" and it does happen. Sometimes a child comes home with problems so severe that they cannot be handled by the new family; in such cases, the parents can seek to disrupt ... Read More »

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Does it seem right/fair that adoptive parents can dissolve or disrupt the adoption of *their* child?

No, it's not right, or fair, but it would seem there is very little right or fair to adoption to begin with. I don't think an adoptee should have to resort to being adopted by someone else to shir... Read More »

Losses in adoption by Adoptive Parents?

I don't get this either.It seems to me that adoptive parents lose the dream of having children by birth when they realize they cannot conceive children. But that happens without adoption.They would... Read More »

Adoptive parents - what type of adoption education did you receive?

First we took the foster to adopt classes in our area. That was eight three hour seminars that mostly talked about issues that our children might have due to abuse or neglect, and possibly due to ... Read More »

Adoptive Parents, what do you believe to be the biggest misconception about you/other Adoptive Parents?

Wow. Fantastic question. I would echo what the other APs have said on here.That we did something illegal or evil by adopting.That our motivations were either to be saviors, or to be trendy.That w... Read More »