Can adoptive parents give papers to illegal adoptee?

Answer Step-father, yes ... just "father", at your age of 21, I would think not. When I married recently, my wife's sons are in their higher 20's ... their last names did not change - they keep their pri... Read More »

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Is it possible for an adoptee to love their adoptive parents as much as their biological parents?

I understand why you're asking, but all of these questions are... off.I love my adoptive parents. I will never stop. But do I love them more than my wife? Do I love my wife more? What about my... Read More »

What do some adoptive parents think they need to protect adult adoptee from birthparent?

Hi Jenny,In all honesty, when they say that they are protecting the adoptees, I believe it is actually a misguided attempt to protect THEMSELVES.Adoptees & their first families need no more additio... Read More »

As an Adult Adoptee, what single piece of advice would you give to a young adoptee regarding adoption?

Don't let anyone else tell you how you "ought" to thing, feel, react or act with regard to your relinquishment, adoption, reunion and relationship with first family. How you define your family is ... Read More »

If you give a child up for adoption at the age of 17 can you ever receive visitation when the adoptive parents are your dad and stepmother?

You made them mad at you. huh? Or your child doesn't want to see you. You should have visitation.