Can acrylic yarn regain shape after being washed?

Answer Acrylic yarns are synthetic and prone to shrinking if washed in hot water. By washing them in cold water the shrinkage factor is reduced considerably. This type of yarn is extremely strong but not ... Read More »

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How to Tell Wool Yarn from Acrylic Yarn?

Knowing whether your skein of yarn is wool or acrylic is very important. Whether it be for allergies, beliefs, or personal preference, determining the material used to make your yarn can be very im... Read More »

How long does it take for memory foam to regain its shape after shipping?

Memory foam typically takes 24 to 72 hours to regain its shape after shipping. Compressing it for delivery does not harm it. Unroll the foam slowly after removing it from the package to avoid the p... Read More »

What Is Acrylic Yarn?

Acrylic yarn is one of many synthetic or man-made yarns available for hand knitters and crocheters. It is readily available and comes in an array of weights, colors and textures. Acrylic yarn is ea... Read More »

Can acrylic yarn be bleached?

You should not bleach acrylic yarn, as it could weaken the fiber and damage your project. If your yarn is stained, try using laundry stain removers instead. If you simply want a lighter color, you ... Read More »