Can acoustic amps be used for electric guitars?

Answer On One Hand: Suppression of the Electric SoundAn acoustic amplifier is designed to pick up the quieter tones of the acoustic guitar and therefore they often contain quite powerful amplifiers, as mu... Read More »

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Which came first: electric guitars or amps?

No one knows. Patents for electric guitar-type instruments appear as early as 1910, with many claiming to have built an instrument throughout the 1920s and 1930s. This first modern electric guitar ... Read More »

How to Play Electric & Acoustic Guitars?

In order to learn how to play electric or acoustic guitar you'll need a few things, some time, and a lot of patience. There are considerable differences between the acoustic-style guitar and the el... Read More »

The Difference Between Electric & Semi-Acoustic Guitars?

There are two basic types of commonly played guitars: acoustic and solid body electric. A semi-acoustic guitar (also known as an archtop or hollow body guitar) is essentially a variation of the ele... Read More »

How much are acoustic guitars?

Acoustic guitars can range anywhere from $150 to $5,000 and up and will depend upon style chosen, quality of the instrument chosen, where you will purchase the instrument, brand name chosen, as wel... Read More »