Can acohol cause harm to a baby in the first month?

Answer Yes.

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When shingles first appear can skin to skin contact cause chickenpox in a 6 month old baby?

A one year old can eat just about any food. It really depends on how many teeth he or she has. Whatever you serve your one year old, make sure you dice into smaller bits, especially meats and fres... Read More »

Can the weight of carrying your 9 month old baby harm your current pregnancy?

Lifting Weight Under normal pregnancy circumstances, it is commonly advised for a pregnant woman not to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. Also, do not lift anything that is awkward to ca... Read More »

Can Electrical Shock from a household appliance such as a DVD player that is not grounded cause harm to a baby during pregnancy?

Answer No. A shock strong enough to harm the fetus would be fatal to the mother. If it just made you jump and maybe say something like '*&^*', both the mother and the fetus are ok.

What is the cause of a 20 month old baby having green poo?

Answer It quite simply ate too many vegetables, mostly consisting of green vegetables, such as broccoli and string beans.