Can acid leach aluminum from bentonite?

Answer Yes. U.S. Patent 5883035, which does not expire until 2017, is a new method of using acid for extracting aluminum from bentonite clay. However, the patent does assert that other processes for lea... Read More »

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Can aluminum leach out of aluminum bottles?

Aluminum pots have been known to leach aluminum when cooking acidic items such as tomato sauce. While aluminum bottles have not been shown to leach aluminum into the water, they can leach BPA, simi... Read More »

How to Leach From Potted Plants?

Potted plants have different requirements than those grown in the ground. One condition that occurs with potted plants is salt buildup in the soil. If potted plants are not watered enough, minerals... Read More »

How to Acid Wash Aluminum?

Aluminum is a metallic element that is derived from the chemical group of boron. Because it is one of the most ample elements in the earth's crust, aluminum is readily available and used in a wide ... Read More »

How do I acid wash an aluminum trailer?

Follow Acid Wash DirectionsPurchase an acid wash cleaner from your trailer dealer or supply store. Follow the product's directions carefully. Do not acid wash painted or anodized aluminum trailers,... Read More »