Can acetaminophen pain relief get you high?

Answer acetaminophen is not a narcotic and cannot get you High. It's designed for pain relief and as you already know if you take too much It can cause liver problems.

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Pain relief for braces?

I just got mine tightened yesterday, I use ibuprofen and orajel. It works for me :)

Suggestions for knee pain relief?

Could be any number of things sweetie, as a first aider I would send you to your doctor. Its really not worth risking trying to self medicate, as you could easily hide the symptoms of something tha... Read More »

Can I get pain relief from the hospital ?

go to the doctor and describe your pain symptoms and their should giver you appropriate medication .

Tongue Piercing Pain Relief?

The tongue is one of the most popular body parts to pierce. Tongue piercing, which is done by piercing a needle through the middle of the tongue, is widely accepted throughout the Western world. To... Read More »