Can access to a computer be controlled by using a power-on password?

Answer A power-on password--also known as a BIOS password--controls access to a computer. This feature prevents a computer from booting up unless the password is entered correctly after the computer is tu... Read More »

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My computer is being controlled by a hacker: what do I do!?

1. disconnect from the internet, check that your firewall is up. 2. if you do not have anything you want to keep on your computer, simply restore it to factory settings (hard reset). This will make... Read More »

What is a computer-controlled router?

A computer-controlled, or CNC, router is a machine used to make complex shapes and cuts in wood, metal and other materials. CNC routers are programmed from a computer system. Because the cuts are c... Read More »

Is the Hubble Space Telescope computer-controlled?

The Hubble Space Telescope's activities are controlled by the Flight Operations Team from the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The telescope's movements are controlled by command... Read More »

In a computer systems perspective how can system security threats be controlled?

good updated latest antivirus and spyware.