Can access to a computer be controlled by using a power-on password?

Answer A power-on password--also known as a BIOS password--controls access to a computer. This feature prevents a computer from booting up unless the password is entered correctly after the computer is tu... Read More »

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How do I access a Microsoft computer using a remote connection?

Launch Remote Desktop ConnectionClick on "Start" > "Run" and type "mstsc.exe" in the command line and press "Enter" (for XP users), or click "Start" and type "mstsc" in the "Start Search" field (fo... Read More »

How to Make a Computer Scrapbook Using Power Point?

Sometimes you want to share your scrapbook with other people far away. But this can get very hard at times be able to send scrapbooks by email would help. How? Read on.

How to Make a Computer Never Respond Using Power Point?

This article explains how to prank some one with little computer experience.

I work from home somedays using a VPN client for internal access- can my boss track my computer activity?

of course they can track you...and why wouldn't they, it's their right to see what you are up too, they are paying you to work not look at porn. (An Honest days pay for an Honest days work) what ha... Read More »