Can a yellow jacket queen sting?

Answer A yellow jacket is a variety of wasp, and yes, the queen can sting.

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How do I treat a yellow jacket sting?

What could be the solution to my yellow jacket Queen problem?

Here's a site with a lot of info. got some spray years back that was supposed to keep them away but I just spray anytime they are somewhere I don't want. Spray in the even... Read More »

Do queen wasps sting?

A queen wasp, whose main focus is egg production, has the ability to sting. Her worker mates, however, produce more venom and sting more often to protect the queen. Worker wasp venom, when transmit... Read More »

I just got stung by a yellow jacket!!!?

First take some benedryl, and then if you haven't taken out the stinger, you need to remove that. You can either use tweezers if it is visible, or you can take a credit card or any plastic card an... Read More »