Can a word processing file be attached to an email message?

Answer Attaching word processing files to an email message is a simple process that is available in all email programs. In the email message that you are preparing to send, look for the "Attach" button, w... Read More »

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How do I save a word processing file?

Open the Word Processor SoftwareOpen your word processing software.Save Your DocumentLook to the menu bar and locate "File." Click it. In the menu that appears, click "Save As."Name Your DocumentTy... Read More »

How Do I Create an Email Message Template or an Email Message Form in Outlook 2007?

Microsoft Outlook 2007 makes it easy to manage nearly any email account directly from your desktop. Outlook offers a pair of features that allow you to save message information for use with later e... Read More »

Can't get into my email account. Tried to do a system restore but kept getting message of a corrupted file?

Is your PC / Laptop that is not working or did you forget your email password, or did you forget your Windows password and cannot log into your Windows and that is why you are trying to restore you... Read More »

I received a message from Information Technology Services. ITS ask me my email password. is this real message?

if you ever receive a email or a link asking you to either sign in or send them your email address or password it is fake they will take your details and steal your money or use your home address f... Read More »