Can a wood burning stove have a 90 degree turn in the chimney?

Answer On One Hand: According to StandardsThe National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which sets the standards for fire prevention, does not prohibit the use of a 90-degree turn in a chimney. NFPA em... Read More »

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Can an insurance underwriter demand an upgrade to a wood-burning stove chimney even though it was installed 20 years ago according to local building code in effect at the time?

Answer Yes, or you may face a non renewal. Insurance companies can from time to time change what risks they will remain insuring and which they won't. If you don't comply with their new requireme... Read More »

How big does a chimney liner have to be for wood burning?

According to Sweep's Library, state law prohibits a homeowner from installing a chimney liner with a cross-sectional area (CSA) that is more than three times the CSA of the chimney's flue collar. T... Read More »

What is used for wood stove chimney pipe insulation?

Mineral wool is the recommended insulation for chimney pipes. Although regular fiberglass insulation is not flammable, it contains a resin that fails at 250 degrees and falls apart at high temperat... Read More »

How to Install a Wood Pellet Stove Without a Chimney?

Wood pellet burning stoves are often installed with a direct vent out the wall rather than a conventional chimney. These stoves use an electric fan to force exhaust fumes from the stove and out the... Read More »