Can a women give up your kid for adoption without your permission?

Answer It is very unlikely that a court would emancipate a 16 year old and then allow them to be adopted. If the child is in trouble or danger, the court or child services can ensure they are taken to a s... Read More »

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Do you have to ask the father permission to give the baby up to adoption?

no, you can't one of the requisites they ask when you adopt is that you must have a stable income and be over 18 (21 in some states).

How many women give their babies up for adoption each year?

According to the Dept. of Health and Human Services, 50,00 to 52,000 children a year were adopted between 2000 and 2006, with Public Child Welfare Agency Involvement. Voluntary placement of childre... Read More »

Can a joint custody parent give the school permission to send and receive email about a child to his girlfriend without the other parents permission?

Answer I would certainly question the violation of privacy rights by any school that used email correspondence. A "girlfriend" who is not the biological parent. Has no legal or ethical right to inf... Read More »

What is required to put a baby up for adoption and does the mother need permission from the tribe to put baby for adoption if she's Native American?

After what I can find you do not need their permission, you can give up your child for adoption if you want the US there is the Indian Child Welfare Act. This is a federal law that deals w... Read More »