Can a women be fertile before her period?

Answer Yes

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Do women sometimes know they are pregnant before they miss a period?

Answer Absolutely!pregnancy is a major change in your body and all kinds of things can signal pregnancy before a positive pregnancy test is recieved. Answer The books all say you can't 'know', but ... Read More »

Is it possible that you could still be fertile to get pregnant if you had your period a week ago and you had unprotected sex today?

Answer Ovualtion, when the eggs to be fertilized usually drop, 10 to 14 days after the period ends. It's possible that you can drop early if your hormone/estrogen levels vary. If you dont want to ... Read More »

When am i fertile, what does fertile and ovulation mean?

Ovulation is when the egg passes from the ovaries through to fallopian tubes to the uterus. This is when you are most 'fertile'. Fertile means when you are most likely to become pregnant.On average... Read More »

Will your period be late if you bf fingers you a couple days before you period?