Can a woman with FASD give birth to normal child?

Answer Yes, FASD is not able to be passed genetically.

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Why does a woman have to give birth?

The option would be to stay pregnant forever, not a viable solution for the baby or mother. After 40 to 42 weeks, the placenta and umbilical cord become less effective and the baby would start loos... Read More »

Why do woman give birth?

because if they dont, it will look like you are a fat lady.

How far does a woman need to dilate to give birth?

dilate for birth The cervix is fully dilated when it has opened 10cm. During labour, it's important you don't start pushing before you are fully dilated, because there will be a danger of tearing t... Read More »

Can a skinny woman give birth?

Yes, but if her pelvis is too small, she'll need a c-section.