Can a woman who lives in Florida move out of state with her children without her husband's consent if they are still married when he does not want to be away from his children?

Answer Answer Yes, you can legally just move... as long as no court order has been established with regard to custody / residence of the children, you are their parent and can move wherever you wish with ... Read More »

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Can a parent move their children to another state without the other parent's consent?

Depends upon the custody arrangements set forth in the Final Divorce Decree. If both parents were awarded Joint Legal Custody, then yes, the other parent must be notified AND agree to the move befo... Read More »

Can you move your child out of state without consent from the father if you are not married?

Depends on wether or not u have a visitation order in place and wether or not who is listed as legal parents......sorry

If your sister died 5 years ago and now her 16-year-old daughter lives with her dad in Florida can she move in with you her aunt without her father's consent and will you get into trouble with police?

Answer This question does not make sense to me. It says your sister passed awat 5 years ago, then it says she lives with her dad. Re ask and then maybe i can help you. Answer I am assuming that you... Read More »

What was the name of that family in the 1970s that adopted all those children including several special needs children and was the subject of television specials following those children's lives?

theres only a 2 percetile of children getting out of special ed. I was one of them and it takes hard work, determination, and sacrifices.