Can a woman wear black to a wedding?

Answer On One Hand: Elegant and FashionableBlack is a classic color that is always in style. The "little black dress" is a wardrobe staple for this very reason. Black is slimming and chic, and black cockt... Read More »

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Can a woman wear a black dress to an afternoon wedding?

On One Hand: Black is Now Considered AcceptableA cocktail dress is the appropriate dress wear for an afternoon wedding, according to The dress should be street length. Wear... Read More »

What hand does a woman wear a wedding ring?

Traditionally, women wear their wedding rings on the left hand, fourth finger. The left ring finger is said to be the finger closest to the heart. The wedding band is worn underneath the engagement... Read More »

Is it okay to wear black to a wedding?

On One Hand: Tradition MattersTraditionally, black is not worn to weddings because it marks somber occasions, such as funerals. In addition, if the wedding is in the morning or afternoon, the dark ... Read More »

Is it ok to wear black to a wedding?

In the past, it's been considered poor form to wear black to a wedding because black attire is normally associated with funerals and is thought to show disapproval of the union. However, most peopl... Read More »