Can a woman understand if a mans pre-ejaculate fluid comes out?

Answer Neither the man or the woman can feel it. It's just a drop.

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I'm 13 and you think you may be pregnant by pre-ejaculate fluid what can i do?

Answer Well sweetie, you can become pregnant from pre-cum. I'm assuming that you've had your period before right? If so, don't freak out. You'll make your body think that it's pregnant and even if... Read More »

What is the mans name in the woman in black?

Can a man ejaculate in a woman if she is pregnant?

Yes he can. The uterus is closed and it will never reach the fetus if that is what worries you.

How many times does a man have to ejaculate into a woman to get her pregnant?

Answer Well at one time just once - it only takes one time however, some woman take months or even years before they become pregnant - it varies from woman to woman.