Can a woman not pregnant or nursing produce breast milk?

Answer Answer Yes. It is easier for a woman who has had a baby to produce milk later but it has been known for women who have never been pregnant to breastfeed an adopted baby.However if you are not try... Read More »

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Why would a woman leak breast milk if she's not pregnant?

Perhaps there are many possible factors such as:1. GROWTH HORMONES (GH) or somatotrophin and chicken prolactin/ovine prolactin administered by the poultry manufacturing industry in chickens, subseq... Read More »

Is it possible for a woman who is 24 weeks pregnant to leak breast milk?

Answer Yes this can happen at any time, collestrum leakage will also continue until after delivery.

Can I still produce breast milk ?

Absolutely! I had trouble breast feeding, and wanted to give my baby the best. I started pumping, i didn't get much at first, but I was persistent and it worked! As all the baby books will tell y... Read More »

Can you make yourself produce breast milk?

It happens automatically. All you need is a crying, hungry baby and a pair of breasts.In some parts of the world babies are routinely swapped between mums, aunts, grandmas and neighbours.Breastfeed... Read More »