Can a woman ever have too much breasts?

Answer I knew a lady with 48-JJs. I was the first to summit via the treacherous North Areola route.

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Can a grown woman still have flat breasts?

Yes - that is extremely graceful and charismatic. All the power and beauty in next to nothing. That is truly fascinating.

Meagan, the woman from unit three has gone to Melbourne for three days, I'm lonely & hungry?

Get yourself a broader circle of friends Reggie, this obsession with unit 3 doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere. In the interim get yourself down to your local Coles or Woolies 20 minutes befor... Read More »

If three pregnancy tests come out negative and you have had a normal period for the last two months but you noticed your breasts leaking could you still be pregnant?

Answer Breast leaking in pregnancy usually doesn't occur until at least 5 months pregnant. I would say you are safe on the pregnancy part but I'd go to the gyno if you are leaking, and have not re... Read More »

If you are three days late for your period have milky discharge gas headaches sore breasts and feeling sick for the past two weeks and your smelling senses are enhanced is it likely you are pregnant?

Answer Yes, those are all likely symptoms of pregnancy. You should take a pregnancy test.