Can a woman get pregnant without having sex?

Answer Yes. by artificial insemination or invitro fertilization.

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Can a woman become pregnant without ever having a period?

Yes. A period comes after ovulation. If you conceive the first time you ovulate, you won't have a period, which is what you get when you ovulate and do not conceive. The uterine lining is prepared ... Read More »

How long can a woman be pregnant without knowing that she is pregnant?

Answer Some women may go into labour at term without realising they are pregnant.This may be because they are already obese and the pregnancy does not make much difference to their size, or they ma... Read More »

Why does having sex with a pregnant woman feel good?

Can a woman ovulate without having a menstrual cycle?

Women can ovulate without having a menstrual cycle. Women who do not experience a period, can ovulate at any time during the menstrual cycle. If you are trying to get pregnant, it may be hard to pi... Read More »