Can a woman get pregnant through pants?

Answer Pregnancy occurs when a woman's egg is released into the fallopian tubes and fertilized by a man's sperm. Pants and other clothing act as a barrier to sperm penetration, making it not possible for ... Read More »

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Can you get pregnant if you have your panties on and your BF has his pyajama pants and briefs on when having dry sex and he got his pants slightly wet?

Very unlikely. But you guys better be careful. I see birth control in you future....

How to Pee Your Pants As a Woman when There Are No Other Options?

If you are VERY desperate for the toilet & wearing pants, this is your article!

Who was the first woman to wear pants?

Elizabeth Smith Miller was the first woman to wear pants in the style of Turkish pantaloons with a knee-high skirt in 1851. She was disgusted wearing the long skirt made of heavy and untidy materia... Read More »

How do I determine a woman's pants size?

Measure around the waist. For snug fitting jeans, pull the measuring tape tight around the smallest area of the torso. Measure loosely for looser fitting pants.Measure the inseam area. This area be... Read More »