Can a woman get a breast lift without implants?

Answer As long as you don't make them smaller because that makes God cry

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Can a woman with breast implants breastfeed?

On One Hand: Breast Implants are Safe for BreastfeedingBreast enlargement was the most popular cosmetic surgery in 2008, and the safety and possibility of breastfeeding after getting breast implant... Read More »

Can you use a defibrillator on a woman with breast implants?

Done properly with an AED device, implants will not impede the ability to deliver defibrillation treatment.

Have you heard that woman with breast implants have an increased risk of a rare form of cancer?

This hit the news a few days ago.You need to understand news stations and papers always have stories on standby for slow news days and I believe this is one of them. This information was found in a... Read More »

If a man gets breast implants, and walks around without a shirt on, does it qualify as indecent exposure?

You stole my question!!I think that everyone should be able to walk around without a shirt if they want to, why not! The fact that people will get into trouble is another story.