Can a woman ever have too much breasts?

Answer I knew a lady with 48-JJs. I was the first to summit via the treacherous North Areola route.

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Can a grown woman still have flat breasts?

Yes - that is extremely graceful and charismatic. All the power and beauty in next to nothing. That is truly fascinating.

Have your breasts ever been described as udderly fantastic?

Yes indeed, HS. "Splendidly pendulous" is another fave description.

Who is the heaviest woman to ever give birth or how much did she weigh?

Her name is Donna Simpson. She weighed 520 pounds at time of delivery. The baby, affectionately known as Baby J. weighed 8 pounds and 14 ounces and was born on 02/13/2007. This delivery took place ... Read More »

Can a woman ever have too many babby daddies?

Thanks. Now I've got that fcuking song stuck in my head.Who dat is?…