Can a wired or wireless router be used with dial-up?

Answer A wired or wireless router used in conjunction with an external modem can be used to transmit a dial-up Internet signal over a network. However, using a router with a dial-up modem will greatly red... Read More »

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Can a wireless router be connected to a wired router to make a wireless connection?

connect one of the ports (NOT the WAN) on the back of your wireless router to the wall jack the Landlord has setup. Make sure your router is set to a different IP range compared to the Landlords r... Read More »

How do I add a wireless router to an existing wired home network router?

Disconnect Wired RouterDisconnect the wired router. Remove its power source, then pull all Ethernet wires out from the slots on the back. Keep these wires in the same order for when you connect the... Read More »

Whats the difference between a Wired router and a Wireless router?

Are you serious that you dont know? Ok, I guess i'll answer seriously. A wired router has wires going from it to the devices it routes the internet to. A wireless router, has no wires except those ... Read More »

How do I add a wireless router to a wired network?

Disconnect ModelDisconnect the modem from the computer. Use that Ethernet cord to connect the modem to the WAN port of the wireless router. Plug a second Ethernet cord into the first port on the ro... Read More »