Can a window seat be wider than the window?

Answer A window seat can be any length. It can be wider than the window as long as there are no nearby walls on either side restricting the length, such as a dormer window.Source:Ask The Builder: Window S... Read More »

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Having your web page bleed off the screen with horizontal scrollbars is a frustrating problem, even when your CSS is correct.Margins and PaddingIn CSS, margins define how items are spaced, while pa... Read More »

How to Make a Window Sill Wider for Plants?

It is fairly easy to create a wider window sill for potted plants. Choose a sunny window, preferably with a wooden sill, for the installation. Select a piece of clear pine to cut your new sill from... Read More »

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How to Add a Window Bench Seat?

Windows are relaxing places to sit and read a book or listen to music. You can make a bench seat to add to your favorite sitting window at home. A window bench should span the width of the window o... Read More »