Can a window air conditioner unit cause carbon monoxide poisoning?

Answer Air conditioners cannot produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is produced from fuel-burning devices such as furnaces, cars, gas stoves and generators. If a car or generator is idling near a wind... Read More »

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Does window unit air conditioner have to sit in a window?

Window air conditioning units must be installed in a window because the heat generated by the air conditioner needs to vent outside instead of remaining in the room. If window installation is not p... Read More »

Window Air Conditioner Unit Repair Tips?

On a hot summer day a working window air conditioner provides cool air. If your window air conditioner becomes faulty you may wish to repair it. Repairing your window air conditioner prevents you f... Read More »

Where is the air conditioner drain plug on a window unit?

Mine had a small rubber plug on the outside, lower edge of the unit.

What Will Cause a Window Unit AC to Leak on the Inside?

Window air conditioners produce waste water as a byproduct of their cooling. As long as the water is contained within the inside of the unit, homeowners have nothing to be concerned about. If water... Read More »