Can a wild holly tree be transplanted?

Answer A wild holly tree can be transplanted from one location to another. A holly tree should be transplanted during the tree's dormant season and after the tree has flowered. The dormant season for ho... Read More »

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How to Reduce Shock in a Transplanted Evergreen Tree Shrub?

With modern tree-moving equipment it is possible to move and transplant evergreen trees and shrubs, even those with trunk diameters up to 6 inches. One of the significant dangers in transplanting a... Read More »

Can wild chamomile be transplanted and grow in the new location year after year?

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About the Holly Tree?

The holly tree has played a vital role in America's history for many years. Early colonists boiled the tree's pine tops to make a tea for relieving coughs. Holly leaves, with their bright red berri... Read More »

The Holly Tree Fungus?

Holly trees are one of the hardiest of ornamental trees, but under the right conditions they are just as susceptible to fungal infections as any plant. Fungus on holly tree leaves can be caused by ... Read More »