Can a wife stop her ex seeing his children?

Answer Not if the father is doing his fatherly duties for the children, and causing the children no harm or pain. But if he is then yes, also if she sees the father unfit and suspects harm is being done i... Read More »

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What do you do if your ex wife is stopping you seeing your children?

If she is breaking the court order for visitation you have to report her to the court. If you don't have such an order you have to go to court and get one.

How can I stop my child from seeing my ex's new family?

You haven't provided any reason for interfering with your ex-husband's new life. If the only reason is anger and a desire to make him miserable then forget it. You need to "get over it", and accept... Read More »

How can I stop seeing someone's profile and comments on Facebook ?

If he is your FB friend, you can roll over his status and click "dont show" like the other person posted. However, if he is NOT your friend anymore on FB, but you see his postings connected to mutu... Read More »

How can i stop a person seeing status updates on facebook?

this is all in new facebook, don't know if its different in old facebook...go to privacy settingsthen profilethen there should be a drop down menu of status updatesclick on customizethen you can bl... Read More »