Can a weeping cherry tree get blight?

Answer There are many different kinds of blight. Some of them--like brown rot blossom blight--affect weeping cherry trees, along with many other kinds of foliage. You may notice that the flowers and fruit... Read More »

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Weeping cherry blossom tree is no longer weeping, flowers are white instead of pink..?

prune back the upright white flowering branches all the way to their base. graft incompatibility

How do I feed a weeping cherry tree?

Apply a fertilizer formulated for cherry trees every spring to the soil around the trunk of the tree. Follow the application directions on the package, which will vary with the size of your tree. D... Read More »

How do i plant a weeping cherry tree?

Select a spot for the weeping cherry tree on your property in early spring that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Dig a hole that is two times larger than the weeping cherry t... Read More »

How do I prune a weeping cherry tree?

Trim Trailing BranchesTrim the tips of any branches on your weeping cherry tree that are trailing on the ground to encourage healthy new growth. This should be done after the tree has finished flow... Read More »