Can a website legally request you give your email adress and password?

Answer NEVER give anyone youre passwordthink it is a phising siteSo they can send spam mails in youre name

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Can a business owner legally request to see a freelance worker's personal email?

Anyone may request anything, but a freelancer or independent contractor is not required to turn over personal email unless a contractual agreement has been entered into that states otherwise. If a ... Read More »

Can anybody help me to give password for the movie i downloaded from website ""?

What is BBC's email adress?

They receive the TV license Fee,also make money from selling TV formats e.g Doctor Who ,to other countries and through magazines and DVDs they sell

How to Trace an Email Using Ip

Whenever you are connected to Internet your Internet Service Provider assigns an IP address. If you are sending an email this IP address is stored in the email header. The email header is the infor... Read More »