Can a water-damaged iPhone be repaired?

Answer Chances of repairing a water-damaged iPhone are slim, but you can try setting it into a sealed bag with packets of silica gel or uncooked rice for three days to let the iPhone completely dry out. D... Read More »

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How do you fix a water damaged home button on iphone 4?

My iphone is water damaged, and the incident happened about a month or two ago?

You can try, what have you to lose it doesn't work now what have to lose. I doubt in but worth a try. I know a guy that has shop he fixes all phones fixed mine. Maybe look for a repair store it wou... Read More »

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My iphone is water damaged, but fully works when connected to a power source?

Plunge it into a box of rice and leave it 12 hours ,all the water will be drawn out,there can't be much wrong with it,just a drop of water in a place it shouldn't be.Advice I was given by an apple ... Read More »