Can a warrant be issued for a threat?

Answer On One Hand: Sometimes Warrants Are IssuedA warrant can be issued for a threat depending on the circumstance. If the threat is written, it is almost certainly a crime. Verbal threats can be conside... Read More »

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What happens if a bench warrant is issued?

A judge issues a bench warrant, a court ordered document that commands a person to appear in court. The bench warrant is usually issued on behalf of the state when a person does not pay a fine or d... Read More »

How to Find Out When an IDOC Warrant Was Issued?

The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) may issue arrest warrants for people who have already been to state prison. The reason for the warrant may vary. Reasons include breaking the terms of ... Read More »

Can you pay a ticket online after a warrant is issued?

Typically, you cannot simply pay your fine online after a warrant has been issued. In Fort Worth, Texas, for example, you must appear before the Main Court to post bond and be given a trial date. ... Read More »

How long does it take for a warrant to be active after it is issued?

Once a judge grants a warrant in a court of law, it immediately goes into effect, giving law enforcement officials the right to arrest the person named in the warrant. Warrants can be issued for fa... Read More »