Can a wage garnishment garnish your bank account?

Answer No, wage garnishment cannot be used to garnish funds from a from a bank account. If a debtor is employed, wages will be garnished from the debtor's paycheck. If a debtor is not employed, a procedu... Read More »

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Can a debt collector garnish your bank account if they don't know your bank?

No. The debt collector must know your bank account details to garnish your bank account. For a debt collector to garnish the funds from your bank account, the debt collector must first sue you for ... Read More »

Is it legal to garnish a bank account?

It is legal to garnish a bank account , but doing so requires a court order. There are, however, some types of funds that may be exempt from garnishment, including payments from Social Security, di... Read More »

Federal Wage Garnishment Laws and Your Rights?

The federal government may garnish an employee's wages for payment of back taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Employees experiencing federal wage garnishment will still have access t... Read More »

Can You Withdraw From Your Own Bank Account Without Withdrawal Appearing on Your Bank Statement?

Your bank records your bank withdrawals on monthly statements. If you bank with an institution that provides online banking, withdrawals are also visible as they post, though this information is on... Read More »