Can a wage garnishment garnish your bank account?

Answer No, wage garnishment cannot be used to garnish funds from a from a bank account. If a debtor is employed, wages will be garnished from the debtor's paycheck. If a debtor is not employed, a procedu... Read More »

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Can a debt collector garnish your bank account if they don't know your bank?

No. The debt collector must know your bank account details to garnish your bank account. For a debt collector to garnish the funds from your bank account, the debt collector must first sue you for ... Read More »

Is it legal to garnish a bank account?

It is legal to garnish a bank account , but doing so requires a court order. There are, however, some types of funds that may be exempt from garnishment, including payments from Social Security, di... Read More »

What is wage garnishment?

A court order that gives a creditor the right to collect money from a delinquent individual's paycheck is the definition of wage garnishment. A creditor can only perform this action by receiving a ... Read More »

Wage Garnishment Law?

Wage garnishment is a form of debt collection by which a creditor can legally collect funds directly from a debtor's employee, effectively being paid out straight from the debtor's paycheck. Althou... Read More »